Oct 14

Blueface meets Panasonic in Tokyo


Kinichiwa (さよなら)

Some of the Blueface Team are just back from a visit to Japan, to meet with our partners Panasonic, along with some other key players in the Japanese Telecom industry.

To say we were overwhelmed by our welcome and the hospitality shown by our hosts is an understatement.

Some quick facts – Tokyo’s economic impact is bigger than New York and London combined. Based on GDP, it has an economic value of about USD 2.2 Billion, compared to 1.3Bn and 0.6Bn for New York and London respectively. Tokyo’s population including the suburban area is enormous – 37.1 Million people and growing. The central business district in Tokyo increases by approximately 3.3 million people during the business day. Its total area is about the size of Wales….

If you think that the property bubble in Ireland was bad, this might give some comfort – apparently during the Japanese Real Estate bubble the Imperial Palace in Tokyo was worth more than the entire state of California!

Tokyo is probably the cleanest city I’ve ever seen – every road and pavement looks like that have just been laid, and there is hardly any litter in sight. Every wall, every street corner seem squeaky clean. Smoking is banned on the street although not in bars! Roadworks are apparent but the repairs are seamless – not a bump in sight. The subway and metropolitan public transport is incredibly efficient and clean, and punctual of course.

Our meeting with Panasonic was in Fukuoka, a 2 hour plane journey from Tokyo, and we were there two days after arriving in Tokyo. We got to see the latest Panasonic hardware and meet the whole team to discuss developments and how we could work together to provide the best IP telephony experience possible.

We were then accompanied back to Tokyo and brought to the Panasonic experience centre – Panasonic’s view of future technology along with some existing high tech including a very interesting fuel cell for domestic use, and a kitchen of the future which prepared meals like a professional chef – straight off the (holo)deck of the USS Enterprise!

A big thanks to everyone in Panasonic for hosting us, to Hiroshi for his kind hospitality, to Enterprise Ireland for arranging such productive meetings and to all our new friends in Japan. We can’t wait for our next trip…



Sep 14

1 GB Free Data with Compu B


1GB of Data for your iPad Free


Blueface have teamed up with Compu b to offer 1 GB of data free for iPad users. Customers can buy 1GB of Data for €5 and received a €5 Compu b gift card. This offer is available through Compu b stores around the country. http://www.blueface.ie/compub.php


Simply contact Compu b who will create your Blueface account with 1 GB data for €5 and receive a €5 credit from your purchase at Compu b. Call into a Compu b store and let them know you’d like to avail of the offer. A staff member will take your contact and payment details. Blueface will process a payment of €5 and Compu b will provide you with €5 credit off instore purchases. Start using your Data straight away!


About Compu b

Compu b is an Irish Apple Premium Reseller, with Authorised technicians ready to carry out repairs on your Mac, iPad or iPod. Visit www.compub.ie for more.

Sep 14

10 Reasons to Switch to Blueface

In today’s world, technology is changing faster and faster as demand for innovative products that streamline and improve business processes increase. So, what is it that has got businesses wanting to make the switch to VoIP Technology?

Check out our Top 10 reasons why you should think about making the switch and see what has got so many businesses choosing Blueface.

1.  Predictable Billing

      Budget easily with regular billing

With Blueface, you pay a simple fixed fee per month that gives you an unlimited number of Ireland and UK landline calls, a bundle of mobile minutes included and a hosted phone system. This means you can forget about surprise costs such as line rental, DDI block rental, fraud protection or call barring fees that appear on other telecom provider’s bills.

Want more control over your costs? Simply block certain destinations from being called from your online portal such as premium and international calls if you wish.

2.  Enhanced Productivity 

       Enable more efficient workflows

Do you ever feel you could be getting more value from your communications set-up? With Blueface you can route calls so it always reaches the correct person at the right time.

The Blueface IVR service can greet callers with an automated welcome and then prompt the caller to choose from a range of options. This helps streamline callers to their intended destination. Calls can then be routed to a group of users, a single user, a voicemail box or diverted to a mobile. All of this can be controlled automatically by time of day rules.

3.  Work From Anywhere

       Enable Remote Working

If your staff want more flexible working hours and to spend less time travelling while you may want to reduce office overhead costs, then enabling your employees to work remotely may be for you. Blueface makes this possible. Once your staff have a broadband connection at home the Blueface phone will work as if it’s in the office. Internal transfers, ring groups and all other aspects of the service will work as normal.

Wan to combine two or more offices under the one account? With Blueface you can. If you need to move office, you can take your phones with you with no disruption of service.

4.  Plug and Play

       Zero touch configuration

All the Panasonic phones supplied by Blueface come pre-configured within 3-5 days of being ordered. There’s no need to worry about installation and configuration issues. Simply plug them in and start making calls. Blueface can also help bring your old number with you.

5.  You’re In Control

       Configure and customise your phone system from the web

Every traditional on-premise phone system (PBX) needs to be repaired or replaced at some point in time. With the Blueface hosted system phone system however, you’ll never need to worry about this. The Blueface hosted PBX is in the cloud and fully supported by the Blueface team. With Blueface’s cloud phone solution you can change your call routing, access voicemail, initiate call conference calls and send out a group SMS notification from the comfort of your computer.

You don’t need to be an expert to control your new phone system. With our user-friendly interactive customer portal, you have the power to control your account from any browser.

6.  An International Presence

       Get a local number in over 40 countries worldwide

If you’re trying to do business internationally, then first impressions count for a lot. Give your business a global impression with an international landline number. Choose from over 40 countries with no charge for inbound calls.

7.  A Professional Image

       Create a professional impression for your company

Your phone lines are one of the most important ways you can communicate with your customers. Having music on hold, an automated welcome greeting, voicemail and your own conference bridge numbers are just some of the Blueface features that help you create the right impression with your customers.

8.  Keep your Number

       No interruption of number

Moving phone service should involve as little disruption to your business as possible. When you switch to Blueface you can keep your old numbers. Simply fill out the Blueface porting form on the customer portal after picking your Blueface plan, and we’ll take care of the rest.

9.  Unlimited Scalability

       Your Phone System Grows with You

With a traditional PBX you are limited to a specific size before you need to upgrade or replace the equipment. With a virtual phone system, you can start as one user and grow to thousands, only paying for each new phone handset as you need them.

10.  Value for Money

         Reduce your monthly telecoms expenditure

Every business looks at cutting costs where it can, and what business doesn’t want to save money. With Blueface, 8 out of 10 businesses save over 40% when they make the switch to Blueface. Savings are accumulated through no line rental, low call rates, no PBX licensing, breakage repairs or maintenance costs.


Sep 14

Blueface at the Ireland Funds Young Leaders Event

The Ireland Funds Young Leaders Event

The Ireland Funds Young Leaders Event

For the third year in a row, the Blueface team were in attendance as a sponsor for the Ireland Funds Young Leaders annual BBQ. The Event – An All American style BBQ – was held in Lansdowne Rugby Club, a fantastic venue set against the backdrop of the Aviva stadium.

The event kicked off with some drinks from Sponsors Jameson & Corona, followed by a tasty American Style BBQ Buffet, which was finished off with some delicious Häagen-Dazs Ice cream for dessert. The evening continued till late with American music, wine and beer with the Blueface crew ruling the dance floor from start to finish.

The evening’s Highlight was undoubtedly the ‘Bucking Bronco’ which the agility of the guests were tested in an attempt to beat the record of 24 Seconds, set the previous year. Although one of our own team managed an impressive 37 seconds, the winner lasted an amazing 54 seconds! Blueface presented the winner with a Google Nexus 5 phone.

This year Alan Foy, Blueface Chief Executive, was appointed board member of The Ireland Funds.

The Young Leaders Society brings together young professionals to network and support the philanthropic work of The Worldwide Ireland Funds. The Young Leaders Society provides a forum for emerging philanthropists to become closely involved with the mission of The Worldwide Ireland Funds as well as with prominent business and civic leaders who support the organisation.

Jun 14

Blueface Launches New Point of Presence Data Centre in Partnership with Dell and TelecityGroup


€850k investment in its second data centre marks milestone in Irish carrier’s continued expansion

26, June 2014: Blueface, Ireland’s leading cloud-telephony provider, today launched a new Point of Presence (PoP) data centre in partnership with Dell and TelecityGroup. This is the second data centre in the company’s portfolio, and its development means that Blueface joins an elite group of core telecommunications providers in Ireland offering full redundancy or back-up on its network, giving clients full peace of mind that they will receive continuity of service.

The PoP, which is located in TelecityGroup Data Centre, North West Business Park, was deployed using state of the art data centre infrastructure from Dell. Blueface invested €850,000 in the creation of the centre, making it a significant milestone in the company’s development and an important step in enabling the expansion of the business into the future.

Blueface operates an IP technology platform which was developed in Ireland and has been deployed successfully in over twelve countries worldwide. The move to create the second PoP was influenced by the company’s focus on providing corporate-grade solutions for Irish business users and the growing popularity and continued uptake of cloud telephony among these business clients.

The investment will offer complete reliability to Blueface customers with comprehensive failover capabilities. In addition, a second full point of interconnect means that Blueface can now guarantee network availability, even in the unlikely event of reduced capacity in one data centre.

The high level of capital investment in this project characterises it as one of the largest in Blueface’s history and demonstrates a clear commitment to customers in providing the highest quality of service, along with an enhanced user experience.

Speaking at the launch today, Alan Foy, Chief Executive Officer, Blueface, said, “We pride ourselves on providing a trusted service that continues to evolve in line with market demand. As a result, we continue to attract new business customers along with experiencing increased demand from existing customers. Our growing data centre requirements demonstrate this positive progression in Blueface’s growth and we are delighted to further develop our excellent relationship with the TelecityGroup, and to have the support of Dell in deploying state of the art technology for our second PoP.”

Liam Halpin, General Manager, Dell Ireland said “We are delighted to have been involved in the engineering of this project with Blueface and indeed to host the launch of its new data centre, a significant development that will prove to be a touchstone in the history of this company.  Blueface is a great example of what Ireland’s technology sector has to offer on an international stage, and we are delighted that Dell’s technology will be integral to its operations as it seeks new opportunities both in Ireland and internationally. There can be no doubt that the future of Blueface is very bright and we at Dell look forward to continuing the relationship between our companies”.

Maurice Mortell, Vice President, Emerging Markets & Country Manager for Ireland at TelecityGroup, said, “Blueface is a technology driven, Internet-based company, delivering cutting edge and innovative solutions which enable businesses to work more efficiently.  We are delighted that Blueface has chosen Northwest Business Park as the data centre from which to scale its operations.  Blueface can look to the future, secure in the knowledge they can continue to rely on TelecityGroup, as they have throughout the past 10 years.”

Jun 14

5 Things You Need to Consider Before Joining The Blueface Partner Programme


Blueface has been growing a steady rate for the past number of years as more and more businesses in Ireland are switching on to better value and a 21st century phone service.

A lot of this viral growth can be attributed to a strong partner network that has helped us reach out to companies that otherwise would never have moved provider.

If you fit into one of these categories below, then you should read our free Blueface partner programme whitepaper.

  • PBX  installers/suppliers
  • Managed service providers
  • IT support companies
  • ISPs
  • Wireless ISPs
  • Service provider to businesses

Why Become a Blueface Partner?

  • Helps save your client money
  • Align with a trusted brand
  • One stop for comprehensive services (Mobile, Landline, Hosted PBX, Call conferencing, Web SMS)
  • Recurring revenue

Fiona Kearns, Partner Manager

May 14

10 Things You Need to Know Before Switching to a Hosted PBX

Today Blueface launches a new Whitepaper: 10 Things You Need to Know Before Switching to a Hosted PBX

This whitepaper is for you if you’re:

  • Moving offices / premises
  • Having issues with your PBX
  • Looking to reduce PBX maintenance costs
  • Enable remote working
  • Enable disaster recovery for telephony
  • Move from TDM Analogue to SIP for cost savings

This whitepaper examines the top 10 things you need to know before switching to a hosted PBX with Blueface. Be prepared for a successful deployment of cloud telephony with this informative guide.

Hosted PBX Whitepaper

Most Irish businesses have an on-premise phone system known as a PBX. Popular manufacturers of these PBX systems in Ireland are: Cisco, Nortel (now Avaya), NEC, Mitel, Shoretel, Alcatel Lucent, Panasonic, LG Ericsson, Siemens, Samsung, Toshiba, and 3com. How most businesses in the past operated was to buy a third party phone system and then use a separate carrier to traffic their calls over. Blueface can be your virtual PBX provider and call carrier.

This whitepaper covers the Blueface hosted PBX that offers the important functionality you’d expect from a traditional phone system without the need for PBX equipment or the capital cost. Find out if your business is ready to go to the cloud.

Want to find out more? Explore Hosted PBX Pricing for Businesses here or get in touch with us at sales@blueface.ie / 01 524 2000.

May 14

Celebrating 10 Years

Blueface 10 Years

What happened in 2004?

  • 2004 was the year that Gmail was launched and the smoking ban was introduced.
  • Facebook went live and was open only to students of Harvard.
  • The LUAS was opened in Dublin and the Dublin Port tunnel excavation works were completed.
  • Ireland won the Triple Crown for the first time since 1985.
  • Cork beat Kilkenny in the All Ireland hurling final, while Kerry beat Mayo in the football.
  • Europe won the Ryder cup with Padraig Harrington, Darren Clarke and Paul McGinley all featuring.
  • Mattel Inc announced the split of Barbie and Ken after 43 years :)
  • Greece beat Portugal 1-0 in the final of the Euro Championships.
  • Claire O’Leary became the first Irish woman to reach the summit of Everest and…
  • Blueface was founded!

For the first time in Ireland, it was possible to have a landline telephone service and not pay line rental. It seems like only yesterday.

We set out back in 2004 to revolutionise the telecoms market. Combining cutting edge technology with outstanding customer service, unrivalled features and amazing pricing, we wanted to set the standard for 21st Century Communications.

10 years on and we are the leading IP Telephony company in Ireland with further operations in the UK and Italy. We introduced Europe’s first fixed-mobile unified communications service, made unlimited call plans a standard feature, and are still the only telecoms company here to provide real time billing!

Every day we help tens of thousands of businesses communicate effectively, securely and economically.

So to all of our customers who make it all worthwhile, to our supporters and friends who have helped us so much, and to our amazing staff – past and present – who have helped create an incredible company, we’d like to say a big thank you.

Here’s to the next ten years!


Apr 14

Blueface Italia Launch Partnership with Talent Garden

Blueface Italia is delighted to announce a new partnership with Talent Garden, the leading provider of co-working space in Italy.

Talent Gardenaka TAG – are innovative and original co-working spaces specifically designed for Startups. This is where passion and determination meet intelligence and creativity.

imageCommunication is the soul of every aspiring business. Blueface Cloud Telephony services enable companies to meet the demands of 21st century business effectively and efficiently.

Davide Dattoli, TAG co-founder, was delighted to choose Blueface for this innovative new service.  “TAG is at the heart of the new generation of business in Italy and we are determined to bring best in class services to our customers. Blueface  understand our commitment to excellence and our determination to choose only the best for our customers.”Victoria Mc Auley, Marketing Manager for Blueface Italia is delighted to support TAG and all of TAG’s talented customers. “Here in Blueface we are committed to supporting Italian business, and in particular the vibrant, innovative and exciting startup scene in Italy. We are simply delighted to be part of this great Italian success story.”

Talent Garden (TAG) is a network of Campuses which have created Co-working spaces that are open 24 hours a day, where creative minds full of enthusiasm and passion, courage and imagination, help and compete with one-another. The Talent garden model doesn’t just aim to share working space it also aims to cultivate similar minds that stimulate one another creating a “PASSION WORKING SPACE”.

For more info : info@talentgarden.it
Talent Garden Blog : http://blog.talentgarden.it/en

Apr 14

International Phone Numbers for your Business

Are you looking to sell into markets outside of Ireland? The first step should be for you to get an international telephone number for your business. This immediately gives you a local presence allowing potential customers or partners to call you at a local rate while you receive the call at no charge.

International Numbering

Below is a list of our most popular countries for customers:

Most Popular Countries for Blueface International Phone Numbers:

  1. United Kingdom
  2. United States
  3. Australia
  4. Poland
  5. Italy
  6. Canada
  7. Sweden
  8. Germany
  9. Norway
  10. Belgium

International numbers are a great way to specially serve another market at very little cost, it positions your organisation favourably against local competition and overall primes you to achieve more incoming sales by making you look like you have a local presence.

Low Monthly Fee: Starting from €8 ex VAT. A full price list of numbers is available here http://www.blueface.ie/virtual-numbers.php

No Cost to Receive a Call: Number delivered to your Blueface SIP account (landline phone) free of charge.

Easy to Set-up: Simply add the number to your account and you’re ready to receive calls in 5 minutes – that’s it!

Are you ready to take your business international? Start with Blueface on 01 524 2000.

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