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Dec 12

Take Part in our Survey to WIN an iPad Mini!

Blueface has launched the largest ever user-led research project on Business Communications in Ireland and we want to hear what YOU have to say! Take the Blueface Business Telecoms Survey and have your voice heard in a report on Business Communications in Ireland.

Data collected in this survey will inform the Blueface Business Telecoms Report, published on the 1st of February 2013, which will examine emerging innovations, potential areas of savings, and strategies for increasing productivity that can be identified as the business communications sector evolves. This report will provide businesses with an ‘industry insider’ viewpoint on business communications and a unique resource to assess their own infrastructure and processes.

To show our appreciation of your assistance in this very worthwhile research, we will present one lucky survey participant with an iPad Mini – the latest in mobile business-boosting communications technology.

Aug 12

Blueface Mobile unveils new Business Offer for SMEs

We’re delighted to announce the details of our brand new business mobile plan developed for Irish SMEs looking to save on their mobile phone costs. The ‘Ireland Unlimited’ package, available exclusively at Carphone Warehouse stores throughout Ireland from the 1st week of September, retails at just €45 a month ex VAT and includes unlimited data, unlimited calls and texts to any Irish number, plus one innovative extra service completely free.

Blueface Mobile customers can choose ONE of the following extras when they sign up:

  • Unlimited calls and texts to UK mobiles and landlines;
  • An Irish landline number that delivers calls directly to the Blueface mobile at no extra cost;
  • An international office number that delivers calls directly to the Blueface mobile at no extra cost;
  • A virtual assistant call-answering service.

This means that each customer can personalise their account to their individual needs, to make sure they’re getting the best value from their mobile!

We’re very excited about the new ‘Ireland Unlimited’ package because it really is an opportunity for us to give something extra to our customers. We reckon the offer is unrivalled by any other operator in the market and it truly serves Irish companies who are insisting on better services at reduced prices.

The offer is available in Carphone Warehouse stores nationwide from the 1st week of September. Further details available instore or online at


Feb 12

Blueface Mobile. Officially launched by an Taoiseach Enda Kenny TD.

An Taoiseach, Enda Kenny TD spreads the word about Blueface Mobile with Blueface CEO, Alan Foy.

Wednesday the 22nd February marked the beginning of an exciting new venture for us as ‘Blueface Mobile’ was launched by An Taoiseach Enda Kenny at a much-anticipated event staged in the elegant surroundings of the Hibernian Club on Stephens Green, Dublin. The launch was very well attended and guests included a number of high-profile figures from the Irish telecommunications and technology sectors.

Blueface Mobile is the first mobile service tailored exclusively for business users in Ireland and reflects the realities of modern business both at home and abroad. We have been working on the service and all of the features that go with it for over two years and we are confident that we have designed a package that will actively assist businesses to grow and improve their communications. Blueface Mobile customers will be able to choose from both pre- and post- pay options, and will be able to purchase SIM cards and/or handsets independently as required.

Speaking at the event, CEO of Blueface, Alan Foy, emphasised that the core aim of Blueface Mobile is to empower Irish businesses by  delivering an innovative telecoms service that is better and more cost efficient than anything else currently on offer in the market. He went on to comment: “Blueface Mobile represents one of the new innovations in telecommunications. Today we can offer a business grade mobile service with features and services unparalleled in the Irish market. Blueface will deliver a truly unified telecoms proposition and will manage business communications across landline and mobile in a fully converged, unified way – one voicemail, one call management portal and one bill are just for starters.”

We were delighted to have An Taoiseach Enda Kenny as our guest of honour on the day and he very perceptively identified Blueface as part of the “emerging generation of Irish entrepreneurs who are embracing modern technology, seeing opportunities and creating ventures that have the capacity to enhance competitiveness, and create jobs”.

Blueface Mobile will initially be offered exclusively to existing Blueface customers, to add to their existing services and to thank them for their loyalty to Blueface over the last few years; the company is proud to have a low client turnover rate and the development of Blueface Mobile has been strongly influenced by the input and feedback of our customers.

Over the coming months, Blueface will extend Blueface Mobile to new customers and we are also very excited to be going into partnership with the most trusted retailer in the Irish mobile market, Carphone Warehouse. To us, this partnership reflects one of the key elements of the Blueface brand; empowering customers to get better services and cut their costs by offering them a more intelligent telecoms solution.

If you would like to get some more information about how Blueface Mobile could help your business, check out our website at or give our Sales team a call on 01-524 2000.

Mar 10

Shane Ross says “Blueface are launching the ideal product for a downturn”

Published in Feburary ’10, The article featured in the Sunday Independent. Written by Shane Ross it focuses on the FREE CALLS FOR LIFE offer, and how it saves the general consumer a huge amount on their telephone bill.

Hannah Flattery posing for Blueface

Hannah Flattery posing for Blueface

So,what can small businesses, haemorrhaging with cashflow problems, do? One way they can cut costs is by cancelling their subscription to the SFA. Another is by ensuring that they owe no money to AIB. A third is by reducing landline phone charges.

Last week, I found a new way of slashing my home telephone bill, courtesy of a small business with big ideas. Any scheme that kicks Eircom in the solar plexus is good news for those of us who have been victims of the dinosaur for decades.

So, it was wonderful to stumble on a small business start-up that promises to put another nail in the Eircom coffin. Two entrepreneurs entered my life. They will not be joining the SFA or borrowing from AIB. So far they have taken the private equity route.

As a crusty sceptic, I gave Alan Foy and Brendan Gaffney of Blueface a sideways glance when they insisted that I could have “free landline calls for life” if i handed over €199.

I have to confess as a punter who lost Stg£200 in the Eighties on the three-card trick to a man with an orange box just outside Harrods, I am a bit wary of racing certainties.

But knowing the pair well, I handed over the money and tested the product. The two telecom wizards installed a phone and promised me that I now have free landline calls for life.

Blueface has landed a recession buster. The phone provided will eliminate my line rental charge, provided I have a decent broadband connection. I reckon that the end of rental fee alone will reduce my telephone bill by hundreds of euro every year. Not to mention the free calls.

The phone is a cordless handset, easily attached to my old number. I will still pay for mobile calls through pre-payment and any calls outside the country, but even the mobile charges are cheaper than Eircom’s.

I win on the rental, there is none. I win on the mobile charges, they are cheaper. Two fingers to Eircom.

Any punter who wants free landline calls for life should head to It is Skype without the computer. Blueface is exactly the type of resourceful small business that Ireland needs.  Consumers will love it becuase it will dramatically cut the household budget. So far the offer is only open to residential customers. But Blueface already has visionary plans for small business. The company is lead by a group of young entrepreneurs determined to shake-up the telecoms market. They are launching the ideal product for a downturn, watch this space.

The free landline offer may not be open forever. But it is for life!

Dec 09

Pay as you go phone credit and subscription call plan

As part of the Top support queries series of posts,  I wanted to clearly explain the distinction between the usage of our Pay as you go service and our call plans or subscriptions. It seems like it’s not clear to newcomers.

Why do I get low credit notification when I call a number?

time_is_moneyYou can use Blueface in a “Pay as you go” way which means you prepay for your calls by purchasing call credit on our shop. Then, each time you make a call, the calls are billed against your pay as you go balance. This is a prepaid service, so when you run out of credit then you can’t call out anymore (you can still be called though). Our rates are very cheap compared to other phone companies, so you’ll save a lot of money by using our services.

Depending on your calling habits and in order to save even more money, we have various types of call plans which allow you to make calls for a set amount of minutes per month or unlimited to a set number of destinations. The destinations are clearly mentioned in our pages explaining the different call plans that we have : Residential Call plans

When you have a subscription, you can still call destinations that are not included in the call plan, of course, but they will be billed again from your pay as you go credit. That’s why, even when you have a subscription, it’s best to have some pay as you go credit as well. It avoids not being allowed to make a call to a destination you are not used to calling, for example. Note that depending on your calling habits it may not be necessary to have credit in your pay as you go account.

Also check out our post about low balance notification.

If you need more information or have a question about this feature, do not hesitate to start a conversation on our forum.


Dec 09

Blueface Business Plans: Details of each call plan.

Details of the Plans are listed below:

All prices are per month, and ex VAT.

  • Business Basic – €49 –  2 channel, 2 DID’s – Unlimited Ireland/UK calls*, 75 UK/Irl mobile minutes
  • Business Plus – €69 – 4 Channel, 8  DID’s – Unlimited Ireland/UK calls*, 250 Irl/UK mobile minutes
  • Business Advantage – €99 – 8 Channel, 16 DID’s – Unlimited Ireland/UK calls*, 350 Irl/UK mobile minutes
  • Business Global – €139 – 16 Channel, 32 DID’s – Unlimited Ireland/UK calls*, 500 Irl/UK mobile minutes
  • Business Corporate – €219 32 Channel 64 DID’s Unlimited Ireland/UK calls*, 700 Irl/UK mobile minutes

Dec 09

Changing the ‘face’ of business telephony in Ireland

During the final week of November we launched the newest area of our website, a dedicated Business section targeting Irish companies who are looking to upgrade their phone system to a more manageable, more efficient and most importantly better value service.

We spent a number of months developing a series of plans that we felt covered a range of business types from small office style businesses to SME’s and all the way up to multi-site retail outlets and call centres.

The Business plans are priced with the end-user in mind, the Business Basic package is a 2 channel package, included in this plan is unlimited Ireland & UK Landline calls* as well as 75 mobile minutes for only €49 a month. Next up is Business Plus for €69, Business Advantage for €99, Business Global €139, right up to Business Corporate which is a 32 channel package with unlimited Ireland & UK calls* and a massive 700 mobile minutes for only €219 a month.

We have only had our business call plans officially active for a few weeks now, but the interest has been remarkable. The demand for a reliable phone service which offers companies a greater level of freedom and significant cost savings is exceptional. We have spent no money on Marketing our products so far this quarter and yet, organically through coverage in the Sunday Business Post, Online via our partner sites and our excellent SEO performance has seen a huge increase in business enquiries. We stand by our belief that first and foremost we are a Communications company, if we’re not making it easier for businesses to stay in touch with their customers and suppliers then we’re not helping.

We can provide a number of features that enable Businesses to save money – ‘voicemail to email’ which saves time and money from having to access voicemail on their phones, ‘fax to email’ essentially ‘paperless’ faxing which again saves money and is better for the environment and more importantly, with exporting in mind, ‘International Geographic Numbers’. If your company would like to have a local number in London, New York or a number of international cities, we can provide you with a locally listed number for new potential customers to call, giving SME’s an early step up in International Business.