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Jan 10

Blueface kick-starts the Telecoms shake up in 2010

New CEO, Alan Foy

New CEO, Alan Foy is very confident about the year ahead

Blueface, Ireland’s leading internet telecoms company, is set to make some powerful changes in 2010.  Today, the innovative, fast growing technology company announced its first change; the appointment of a new Chief Executive, Mr. Alan Foy.

6th January, 2010 – Dublin, Ireland, Blueface formally announces the appointment of Alan Foy to the role of Chief Executive of Blueface Ltd.   Mr. Foy is charged with creating and building the next phase of growth for Blueface, a young, innovative and dynamic company with an ambitious new strategic direction.   Mr. Foy will lead the management team to create and deliver unique communications products and services to business, residential and wholesale customers in the UK and Ireland.

“There’s lots of very exciting news in Blueface”, Mr. Foy explains, “We have special cutting edge projects in incubation which clearly demonstrate Blueface’s commitment to innovation and to delivering low-cost, 21st century telecoms for all our customers”.  “We also have star players joining the management team both here in Ireland and in the UK to help deliver on Blueface’s ambitious plans and who fit with our company’s entrepreneurial and unique culture”.

Mr. Foy comments that, “Blueface is a home-grown Irish technology company delivering cost savings and great communications functionality to Irish and UK SME’s and residential customers in these challenging economic times”. “We empower our customers to take control of their communications services and to manage the costs involved in ways that most telecoms companies wouldn’t dare to offer.  The customer value proposition of Blueface stacks up now more than ever”.

Nov 09

Blueface 2.0

Hello and welcome to the Blueface Blog! Things are getting interesting in Blueface and you can expect to see some substantial changes in the coming months. I’m back as CEO after a 1.5 year absence catching up on things which I didn’t get a chance to do during the start up years of Blueface. Fiona Kearns, our transition CEO, has done a fantastic job to get Blueface to where it is now. We’re a profitable IP-based telco which is pretty special in this space. Fiona is now working her magic on some other areas of Blueface and I’ll leave her to update you in due course. Meanwhile welcome to Blueface 2.0 – we’re the IP communications company. In July we introduced some trial business products in order to gauge interest in the SME market. These have proved very popular and so we are launching our new Business division in a couple of weeks – as a blog reader you get the preview! Needless to say the product set is nothing short of revolutionary. Blueface was the first company in Ireland to introduce the unlimited call plan along with a variety of other innovations. So expect some fireworks in a few weeks.

There are quite a few new faces too – and a few old ones including myself. Telecoms in Ireland is a fairly small community, but the lack of innovation, the lack of differentiation is just so frustrating, especially when you see what can be done. The team which we’ve assembled over the past few years have built some very special systems – many of you will have interacted with the back office team at some point – Aaron, Bruce, Mark, Guillaume et al – and we’re now ready to kickstart the Telco 2.0 revolution. You’ll find interesting material on and if that’s what floats your boat. Otherwise look out for the blueface business revolution coming to a PBX near you in October. Before I forget – we’re looking for a prodigiously talented SIP engineer who can do pre-sales. Mail hr at with a CV if you fit the bill.

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