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Mar 10

Shane Ross says “Blueface are launching the ideal product for a downturn”

Published in Feburary ’10, The article featured in the Sunday Independent. Written by Shane Ross it focuses on the FREE CALLS FOR LIFE offer, and how it saves the general consumer a huge amount on their telephone bill.

Hannah Flattery posing for Blueface

Hannah Flattery posing for Blueface

So,what can small businesses, haemorrhaging with cashflow problems, do? One way they can cut costs is by cancelling their subscription to the SFA. Another is by ensuring that they owe no money to AIB. A third is by reducing landline phone charges.

Last week, I found a new way of slashing my home telephone bill, courtesy of a small business with big ideas. Any scheme that kicks Eircom in the solar plexus is good news for those of us who have been victims of the dinosaur for decades.

So, it was wonderful to stumble on a small business start-up that promises to put another nail in the Eircom coffin. Two entrepreneurs entered my life. They will not be joining the SFA or borrowing from AIB. So far they have taken the private equity route.

As a crusty sceptic, I gave Alan Foy and Brendan Gaffney of Blueface a sideways glance when they insisted that I could have “free landline calls for life” if i handed over €199.

I have to confess as a punter who lost Stg£200 in the Eighties on the three-card trick to a man with an orange box just outside Harrods, I am a bit wary of racing certainties.

But knowing the pair well, I handed over the money and tested the product. The two telecom wizards installed a phone and promised me that I now have free landline calls for life.

Blueface has landed a recession buster. The phone provided will eliminate my line rental charge, provided I have a decent broadband connection. I reckon that the end of rental fee alone will reduce my telephone bill by hundreds of euro every year. Not to mention the free calls.

The phone is a cordless handset, easily attached to my old number. I will still pay for mobile calls through pre-payment and any calls outside the country, but even the mobile charges are cheaper than Eircom’s.

I win on the rental, there is none. I win on the mobile charges, they are cheaper. Two fingers to Eircom.

Any punter who wants free landline calls for life should head to It is Skype without the computer. Blueface is exactly the type of resourceful small business that Ireland needs.  Consumers will love it becuase it will dramatically cut the household budget. So far the offer is only open to residential customers. But Blueface already has visionary plans for small business. The company is lead by a group of young entrepreneurs determined to shake-up the telecoms market. They are launching the ideal product for a downturn, watch this space.

The free landline offer may not be open forever. But it is for life!

Nov 09

Number porting : as simple as 1-2-3

As part of the Top support queries, I wanted to provide some more information about number porting in Ireland since it’s an important process for customers and it’s usually an action people are stressed about as it can appear quite confusing. It is definitely something you should consider if you want to stop paying line rental, as porting your number to Blueface will eliminate this. We would like to make things as easy as possible for you so here is some information on number porting to help you out.

Can I port a number from an ISDN or DSL line?

You can port your number from almost all telephone line types – PSTN (standard phone lines), ISDN , Virtual Lines, and you can even port your Fax number.

If you have DSL Broadband (this is Broadband that runs over your telephone line) then you will need to get this Broadband removed from the line before you submit a number port request to us here at Blueface. Unfortunately it is not possible to port your phone number if there is Broadband on the phone line – this is mainly because your phone line will cease working when your number has been ported over, so you wouldn’t have use of your Broadband then anyway.

Some people get around this by getting their Broadband provider to put their Broadband on a separate phone line – this can often take some time however. It will then leave your phone number on a line of its own so that we can then port it over. The other most common solution that customers use is to cancel their Broadband on their phone line and move to a Broadband provider that does not require a telephone line – such as wireless Broadband, for example. This will then cut your costs as you will no longer have any line rental to pay at all as your phone line will cease when your number has ported over so your phone number will be on your Blueface account and you will have your Broadband with your new provider. Most people go with this option so that they can cut their line rental costs, as this is often what makes up the bulk of customers monthly telephone bills.

You can also port your number to Blueface if it is an ISDN line. An ISDN line is basically a pair of two telephone numbers together on one phone line. ISDN lines are either High Speed or Basic Rate. We can port both types of ISDN lines, but the one thing to remember with ISDN lines is that we must port both numbers from the pair together at the one time. All phone numbers on the one phone line must be ported together.

Other number porting queries that pop up often are mentioned on our number porting page.

If you need more information or have a question about this feature, do not hesitate to start a conversation on our forum.