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Dec 09

Changing the ‘face’ of business telephony in Ireland

During the final week of November we launched the newest area of our website, a dedicated Business section targeting Irish companies who are looking to upgrade their phone system to a more manageable, more efficient and most importantly better value service.

We spent a number of months developing a series of plans that we felt covered a range of business types from small office style businesses to SME’s and all the way up to multi-site retail outlets and call centres.

The Business plans are priced with the end-user in mind, the Business Basic package is a 2 channel package, included in this plan is unlimited Ireland & UK Landline calls* as well as 75 mobile minutes for only €49 a month. Next up is Business Plus for €69, Business Advantage for €99, Business Global €139, right up to Business Corporate which is a 32 channel package with unlimited Ireland & UK calls* and a massive 700 mobile minutes for only €219 a month.

We have only had our business call plans officially active for a few weeks now, but the interest has been remarkable. The demand for a reliable phone service which offers companies a greater level of freedom and significant cost savings is exceptional. We have spent no money on Marketing our products so far this quarter and yet, organically through coverage in the Sunday Business Post, Online via our partner sites and our excellent SEO performance has seen a huge increase in business enquiries. We stand by our belief that first and foremost we are a Communications company, if we’re not making it easier for businesses to stay in touch with their customers and suppliers then we’re not helping.

We can provide a number of features that enable Businesses to save money – ‘voicemail to email’ which saves time and money from having to access voicemail on their phones, ‘fax to email’ essentially ‘paperless’ faxing which again saves money and is better for the environment and more importantly, with exporting in mind, ‘International Geographic Numbers’. If your company would like to have a local number in London, New York or a number of international cities, we can provide you with a locally listed number for new potential customers to call, giving SME’s an early step up in International Business.

Nov 09

Welcome to the Blueface blog!

Hello All

Welcome to our brand new blog. This blog has been created to keep all of our customers and potential customers up to date with what is going on at Blueface and in the world of VoIP.

Blueface has been the leading VoIP provider in Ireland since 2004 and continues to grow at an extreme rate. Initially the service was aimed at residential customers throughout Ireland. Today, our biggest growth is in the business market as an increasing amount of companies realise the benefits of VoIP.  Shortly our business division will be officially launched with a range of new business plans designed to specifically cater to the needs of companies today.

Our website at has recently been redesigned to an even more unique and dynamic site to reflect Blueface as a company. The aim is to make the website as user friendly and inviting as possible whilst capturing the attention and imagination of current and potential customers alike.

We will aim to keep you up to date on all the progress with Blueface and VoIP in general as we expand to offer our brilliant service throughout Europe and, the world.


Nov 09

Blueface 2.0

Hello and welcome to the Blueface Blog! Things are getting interesting in Blueface and you can expect to see some substantial changes in the coming months. I’m back as CEO after a 1.5 year absence catching up on things which I didn’t get a chance to do during the start up years of Blueface. Fiona Kearns, our transition CEO, has done a fantastic job to get Blueface to where it is now. We’re a profitable IP-based telco which is pretty special in this space. Fiona is now working her magic on some other areas of Blueface and I’ll leave her to update you in due course. Meanwhile welcome to Blueface 2.0 – we’re the IP communications company. In July we introduced some trial business products in order to gauge interest in the SME market. These have proved very popular and so we are launching our new Business division in a couple of weeks – as a blog reader you get the preview! Needless to say the product set is nothing short of revolutionary. Blueface was the first company in Ireland to introduce the unlimited call plan along with a variety of other innovations. So expect some fireworks in a few weeks.

There are quite a few new faces too – and a few old ones including myself. Telecoms in Ireland is a fairly small community, but the lack of innovation, the lack of differentiation is just so frustrating, especially when you see what can be done. The team which we’ve assembled over the past few years have built some very special systems – many of you will have interacted with the back office team at some point – Aaron, Bruce, Mark, Guillaume et al – and we’re now ready to kickstart the Telco 2.0 revolution. You’ll find interesting material on and if that’s what floats your boat. Otherwise look out for the blueface business revolution coming to a PBX near you in October. Before I forget – we’re looking for a prodigiously talented SIP engineer who can do pre-sales. Mail hr at with a CV if you fit the bill.

Thanks for reading this far – be sure to vote for your favourite blogger (not me!) on the dma site which we’re sponsoring.

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