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Feb 12

Blueface Mobile. Officially launched by an Taoiseach Enda Kenny TD.

An Taoiseach, Enda Kenny TD spreads the word about Blueface Mobile with Blueface CEO, Alan Foy.

Wednesday the 22nd February marked the beginning of an exciting new venture for us as ‘Blueface Mobile’ was launched by An Taoiseach Enda Kenny at a much-anticipated event staged in the elegant surroundings of the Hibernian Club on Stephens Green, Dublin. The launch was very well attended and guests included a number of high-profile figures from the Irish telecommunications and technology sectors.

Blueface Mobile is the first mobile service tailored exclusively for business users in Ireland and reflects the realities of modern business both at home and abroad. We have been working on the service and all of the features that go with it for over two years and we are confident that we have designed a package that will actively assist businesses to grow and improve their communications. Blueface Mobile customers will be able to choose from both pre- and post- pay options, and will be able to purchase SIM cards and/or handsets independently as required.

Speaking at the event, CEO of Blueface, Alan Foy, emphasised that the core aim of Blueface Mobile is to empower Irish businesses by  delivering an innovative telecoms service that is better and more cost efficient than anything else currently on offer in the market. He went on to comment: “Blueface Mobile represents one of the new innovations in telecommunications. Today we can offer a business grade mobile service with features and services unparalleled in the Irish market. Blueface will deliver a truly unified telecoms proposition and will manage business communications across landline and mobile in a fully converged, unified way – one voicemail, one call management portal and one bill are just for starters.”

We were delighted to have An Taoiseach Enda Kenny as our guest of honour on the day and he very perceptively identified Blueface as part of the “emerging generation of Irish entrepreneurs who are embracing modern technology, seeing opportunities and creating ventures that have the capacity to enhance competitiveness, and create jobs”.

Blueface Mobile will initially be offered exclusively to existing Blueface customers, to add to their existing services and to thank them for their loyalty to Blueface over the last few years; the company is proud to have a low client turnover rate and the development of Blueface Mobile has been strongly influenced by the input and feedback of our customers.

Over the coming months, Blueface will extend Blueface Mobile to new customers and we are also very excited to be going into partnership with the most trusted retailer in the Irish mobile market, Carphone Warehouse. To us, this partnership reflects one of the key elements of the Blueface brand; empowering customers to get better services and cut their costs by offering them a more intelligent telecoms solution.

If you would like to get some more information about how Blueface Mobile could help your business, check out our website at or give our Sales team a call on 01-524 2000.

Mar 10

Blueface new Visual Voicemail Feature

Hello everyone,

Blueface are delighted to be the first company in Ireland to provide Visual Voicemail, which is a New Free Feature , accessible from our website and available to all our customers.

This new feature allows our customers to listen to voicemail messages, download them and delete them easily and all these handy features are available directly from our website. The page displays information about each message: time of call, caller number or ID, message duration and have Play and Downloads buttons afterwards. This new feature avoids the hassle of having to go through an automated system (IVR) to perform the same. We’ve all been through the boring: Press 4 for next message, Press 6 to delete … This time is now over.

If your mailbox is almost  or completely full (We allow up to 100 messages per mailbox), you’ll see a warning message inviting you to delete some old messages.

The audio player is based on a plug-in piece of software. On most systems this plug-in will be Quick Time Player, for Windows users on Internet Explorer this plug-in will be Windows Media Player (Make sure to have Windows up to date ). If the messages don’t play properly, try to install the latest version of Quick Time Player. It can be downloaded for free on Apple’s website.

Currently, it works on all of the popular platforms and with all major web browsers. We’re improving the software so that it will work on iPhone, Android or Blackberry handsets soon.

We think this new tool is pretty cool, but we’d  love to get your feedback on it. Let us know what you think!


Nov 09

Top support queries and their answers

what_to_doSome questions asked by customers are recurrent. We pay close attention to queries that crop up too often since that implies that the information is not clear on our website or that our help section is incomplete. We often make improvements to our website and forum based on customer feedback and recurring queries.

I’ll regularly post a question and its extended answer depending on the queries we are getting. Here is a 1st one to crack that white page syndrome:

What is my voicemail pin number?

You can visualize and change your voicemail password easily by logging in to your account on our website : and then go to the ToolBox (4th tab of the customer menu). The main ToolBox screen handles number forwarding; for voicemail settings you need to go to the voicemail tab on the left hand side. You will see your voicemail PIN number here.

There you can update the email address attached to your voicemail (you will receive all your voicemail messages as a wav file to listen to on your computer – it’s a well enjoyed feature usually) .

You can also update your PIN number (must be digits only).

what_to_do_2In our help section we have explained this, see : Voicemail management

Another point to mention about voicemail is the access number(s). From a Blueface phone, simply dial 171, then you will be prompted to enter in your PIN number.

From any phone (landline, mobile, from abroad …), you can dial (01) 5242020. You will be prompted for your voicemail box number (usually it’s your Blueface extension) and your PIN number.

If you need more information or have a question about this feature, do not hesitate to start a conversation on our forum